Set within a landscape of mature trees, wild meadow land and lawns running down to its private loch, Larbert House, with breathtaking vistas of Falkirk, was the vision of industrialist Sir Gilbert Stirling.

He appointed architect David Hamilton, who is now widely regarded as the father of architecture in Glasgow, to design a mansion house that would match and compliment the splendour of the surrounding countryside.

Hamilton had a reputation for grand designs with his notable works including Lennox Castle, Nelson Monument, Hutchesons’ Hall and the Royal Exchange on Glasgow’s Queen Street, which now serves as the city’s Gallery of Modern Art.

After approving the design of his home to be, Sir Gilbert, who made his fortune from investments in projects such as the Forth and Clyde Canal and Glasgow Railway, began building Larbert House in 1822. Sir Gilbert spent his final years at Larbert House and, upon his death in 1843, bequeathed the extensive estate to his sister who had married another Baronet, Thomas Livingstone.

After being passed down a complex family line, the estate was sold to Sir John Graham, third son of Sir Davis Graham, ancestor of the Dukes of Montrose. Sir John was also a member of William Graham and Co., merchants of Glasgow. In his spare time, he and his family hosted parties and entertained guests with curling competitions on the frozen loch.

Sir John sought to extend Larbert House and, in 1904, permission was granted to build servants quarters. Sir John lived at Larbert House until he died in 1926, after which the estate changed hands several times until it tragically caught fire in 2006 and was razed to the ground.

However, inspired by both the surroundings and the buildings that remained, local entrepreneur Grant Keenan decided that he had to breathe new life into Larbert House and its country estate.

In consultation with Historic Scotland who recognise Larbert House as one of Scotland’s finest buildings,  All Saints Living has given birth to the new Larbert House and Country Estate, to which this website is dedicated.